Our current portfolio includes energy management services, mini hydro generation, renewable energy generation – solar photovoltaic system and water, solar farm maintenance services and solar photovoltaic systems design as well as construction.

Renewable energy is the upshot of power generated from photovoltaic cells at our large-scale solar farms in Air Keroh, Melaka and Bidor, Perak Malaysia. Our solar farm at Jeram Mengkuang, along the Bidor-Teluk Intan Road in Perak, has transformed otherwise tin-mining wasteland into thriving ventures for the immediate community in the form of business opportunities, jobs for the youths and other auxiliary services.

Our latest venture in mini-hydro generation perpetuates our commitment to harmonise with nature. Large hydro-electricity generation projects destroy extensive areas of indigenous flora and fauna, disrupt river ecosystems and uproot native population. Whereas, mini-hydro plants utilise the natural flow of existing rivers to power the electricity-generating turbines. There is no upheaval to negatively impact the biodiversity when we ensure the eco-system of the environment is left intact.


This was where it all began…Supported by relevant certification from industry authorities, Gading Kencana is equipped to handle all types of electrical works from low voltage individual units to high voltage sub-stations. Quality in installation and reliability in maintenance is a given.

These electrical works include:

  1. Electrical cabling and equipment installation works.
  2. Maintenance works.
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eletrical works & maintenance services


Energy inputs (both electrical and fuel) are essential parts of any manufacturing process. The expenditure on these inputs often accounts for a significant share of the manufacturing costs. As such, any saving on electrical and fuel costs adds directly to the profits of the company and these have a lesser impact on profits compared to other measures such as reducing labour costs, increasing sales or lowering distribution costs.

The main purpose of an energy audit is to systematically identify, using calibrated measuring instruments, the level of energy consumption and to investigate practical and feasible opportunities for saving all forms of energy costs. Experience shows that as much as 10-15% of energy costs could be saved without the need for large investment on energy-reducing measures.

The services we offer include:

  • Preliminary energy audit energy audit service
  • Walk-through audit
  • Detailed energy audit
  • Power quality audit
  • Boiler performance evaluation

What the audit team does:

  • Identify energy balance to determine the energy flow
  • Identify energy balance to determine the energy wastage
  • Recommend ways to minimise the energy wastage
  • Carry out feasibility studies and prioritise energy improvement
  • Measure and record power quality status

The benefits to you are:

  • Reduced cost
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Minimised environmental problems


Energy Management consulting includes Energy Efficiency (EE) measurement that offers effective ways to lower carbon emission by reducing power consumption. Wind power, solar photovoltaic and solar base load are renewable. Power consumption can be reduced via zero-cost, low-cost or high-cost measures resulting in 20%, 30% and 50% increases in energy efficiency.

Your reason to conduct energy management study may include:

  1. Making the case for energy efficiency
  2. Establishing energy efficiency portfolio funding levels and goals
  3. Assessing reliable alternatives to traditional supply-side resources
  4. Programme design, support and analysis
energy management


As Malaysia is endowed with abundant sunshine almost all year round, generating energy from the sun makes perfect sense. The energy is harvested in photovoltaic (PV) cells and solar energy is converted to clean energy with zero carbon emission. The PV systems can be applied in isolated locations away from the national grid (off-grid) or connected to the national grid (on-grid).

Gading Kencana is well-equipped with relevant expertise and experience to handle off- and on-grid, from small-scale KWh to large-scale MWh systems. The three main types of Solar PV systems offered by Gading Kencana are: Stand-alone, hybrid and building integrated.