Technological advancement and innovation in the energy sector is triggering renewable energy to gradually replace conventional energy sources from ‘dirty’ fossil fuels that pollute the environment. Renewable energy is becoming an important power source as it offers the benefit of lower carbon emission and other types of pollution, paving the way to a cleaner energy future.

Our sustainability framework is supported by three pillars – economic, environmental and social – encompassing our Business, our People and our Service offerings.


We ensure the sustainability of our business by being relevant to industry requirements. As we are continually vigilant about our products reaching saturation point, we re-invent when necessary.

We began as distributor for solar-powered garden lights. Progressed to installation of solar-powered street lighting for the Public Works Department and solar-hybrid power generation system for rural schools. Industry players have acknowledged that an EPC company that has successfully executed remote location solar hybrid systems on a large scale, is a company to be reckoned with. Gading Kencana is that EPC

Moving forward, we are developing solar farms for renewable energy supply to the National Grid and mini-hydro electricity generation.

Our electrical and transmission cabling works are now progressing into fibre-optic cabling projects.

To retain sustainability of our business, we leveraged on the various opportunities made available by government agencies to develop the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who have limited funds. In the early years we capitalised on the various government grants for SMEs to launch promotion for our products and to underwrite advertisements in the print media, print product catalogues and construct displays for exhibitions and seminars. The company also participated in TV documentaries and programmes sponsored by SME Bank and agencies such as SME Corp.

As part of our Thought Leadership initiatives and to promote our innovative technology, our company representatives often speak at local seminars as well as abroad. These events act as good publicity for Gading Kencana.

Participation at industry competitions and winning awards also provided the platform for the company to promote our brand. The publicity generated by these awards contribute to position the company well.

We believe in continuing to do what works and cease doing what is not working. This principle is followed through in many aspects in:

  • Choice of components and supplier;
  • Choice of sub-contractors;
  • Type of services and products offered; and
  • Daily operations of the company.


Selection and recruitment of employees are not just based on paper qualification. Their aptitude and attitude are of upmost significance. This is to ensure that tasks are carried out according to specification and completed satisfactorily.

Building Our Human Capital

  • Fresh graduates are hired and given hands-on training by their seniors to be immediately productive
  • After serving one year, the Heads of Department will evaluate their performance and recommend the necessary training to upgrade their skills
  • If certification is required, he or she will be assigned training and examination by the certifying body such as SEDA, Energy Commission etc.
  • Experienced personnel from the Energy industry are also hired to train employees especially in areas relating to high voltage current and transmission.
  • Suppliers of components are required, as part of their supply contract, to train employees on the operations and maintenance of the components.

We embrace technology and provide essential training for our personnel to be up-to-date with industry trends. Gading Kencana invests considerably in manpower up-skilling and on-going programmes with the manufacturers of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, inverters as well as with institutions that certify individuals as solar PV designers and installers. These training programmes ensure the adaption of foreign technology to suit local conditions and prevailing weather.

All training programmes for our employees are based on Training Needs Analyses

Our technical training programmes encompass:

  • Certified Wireman training (CIDB)
  • Fibre Optic cabling and installation (CIDB)
  • First Aid
  • Safety and General
  • Solar PV Design training and certification (SEDA)
  • Solar PV Installer training and certification (SEDA)
  • Working in confined space
  • Working at heights

We also send our employees for ISO Internal Auditor training

There is no compromise on customer service and the company ensures continual maintenance for the solar PV systems sold to clients since 2011 when the solar PV programme was introduced under the Renewable Energy Act 2011. We subscribe to the philosophy of ‘not afraid of taking risks and not afraid to fail’. When venturing into new projects the management takes calculated risks. We thrive on the premise, ‘if Plan A does not work, go to Plan B’.


Gading Kencana’s extensive experience and multi-disciplinary service teams offer a host of energy-efficient solutions – from energy audits, energy efficiency consultations, energy-efficient public areas lighting to renewable energy generation that is environment-friendly and sustainable.