Green Lifestyle and Decarbonisation in Malaysia.

04 January 2023 / By admin
The decarbonisation

The decarbonisation of the world’s energy system is necessary to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

As we continue to develop our economy and infrastructure, we are increasingly relying on carbon-intensive energy sources that are contributing to global warming. Furthermore, we are experiencing increasing levels of air pollution due to these energy sources which has serious socioeconomic consequences.

To stop this trend and move towards a more sustainable future, we need significant transformation in our energy systems. This will require cooperation between businesses, customers and governments to support cleaner and lower carbon solutions.

Find out more on what are Green Lifestyle and Decarbonisation in Malaysia with Gading Kencana’s Managing Director @ Dato’ (Dr.) Ir. Guntor Tobeng’s sharing (Part 1) in Selamat Pagi Malaysia.


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