Dato’ (Dr.) Ir. Guntor Tobeng at ASEAN Energy Business Forum

22 September 2023 / By Othman
Energy Transition
Energy Transition (ET) for the ASEAN

We at Gading Kencana are happy to share some exciting news with our community!
Our Managing Director recently returned from a pivotal trip to Bali, which marked a significant milestone in the journey towards Energy Transition (ET) for the ASEAN region.

Interconnectivity issue

After a decade of discussions and negotiations, we are ecstatic to announce that the interconnectivity issue between Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia can be resolved!

Shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy

This monumental breakthrough is a true reflection of the spirit of friendship, ASEAN unity, and the collective will to combat climate change. Energy Transition is not merely about shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy and it encompasses the development of a robust and interconnected infrastructure.

Enhancing the energy infrastructure

‘Connectivity’ has been the cornerstone of our journey towards a sustainable future. With the potential resolution of interconnectivity, billions of USD will be invested in substations, transmission lines, and ancillaries, significantly enhancing the energy infrastructure across the region.

Our climate goals.

This achievement is incredibly meaningful for the entire ASEAN community, as it will not only catalyze economic growth but also contribute substantially to our climate goals.

Reducing our carbon footprint

A stronger, interconnected energy infrastructure will facilitate the sharing of renewable energy resources among the nations, reducing our carbon footprint and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Support and collaboration

We are profoundly grateful for the support and collaboration of all stakeholders involved. Together, we have demonstrated that with unity, friendship, and a shared commitment to our planet, we can surmount challenges and create a better future for all.

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