Gading Kencana Family Lunch

04 February 2022 / By admin
Company Family Lunch

It has been two years since the Covid-19 pandemic started in January 2020 followed by almost two years of Movement Control Order be it at State level as well as district level.

Come January 2022, everyone waited with abated breath, many with soulful prayers for things to get better. For the Gading Kencana Group, things have started to move after many months of “Work from Home” and almost “Zero Order Book” and installations works on hold. Surviving solely on income from the solar farms and No salary cuts or staff retrenchment, our bank balance ran into a tight corner. But SURVIVE WE DID.

To kick start the year 2022; the year for RECOVERY, the Management decide to host a Company Lunch. As holding A Weekend Getaway like the ones of pre-Covid 19 days was impossible, Puan Rashidah and her team started to scout for venues and put up the itinerary.

As Dato’ Guntor is scheduled to leave for the Dubai International Expo at the end of January, the Organising Committee had exactly three weeks to put up the program. But they managed it somehow.

Packing and delivery to The Acapella Hotel and Suites; venue for the Lunch was made a day earlier i.e Friday 21 January 2022. Committee members started tagging the door gifts and Lucky Draw items in the evening at the venue. The Day of the Lunch; Saturday 22nd January, saw the Committee Members finalizing the setup as early as 10.00 am.

As been informed all staff and their family members turned up in their Hari Raya outfit. The guys look handsome in their Baju Melayu and the ladies dainty in their Baju Kurung and Kebaya. What a sight for sore eyes as it is quite an occasion to see the Solar farm staff and Project team members spruce up for the day!

The Lunch program started at 12.00 noon on the dot. The host and hostess of the program started with verses of the pantun to welcome All.

Doa recital from the Iman of Masjid At-Taqwa Section 13, Shah Alam opened the program. Dato’ Guntor’s welcome Speech was short and he expressed his hope for a recovery of the economy which is vital for the industry.

At 12.15pm, the Buffet tables were ready and everyone started to pile up their plates. The favourite item on the Menu were “Kambing Golek” and Satay.

The thirty Lucky Draws gifts were drawn up, much to the excitement of the staff. The Jackpot prizes were the “Air-fryer”, “Microwave oven” and a “42 inches Digital TV”. As per the last Family Day in Port Dickson, the bulk of the Lucky Draw prizes were won by the Bidor team. Dato’ Guntor commented that “Bidor ada Ong”.

Children were not left out as they were given a corner to show their coloring talents. The adults were entertained with “Guess the Singer and Song Titles” contest.

The Board of Directors presented a Special Award to Miss Nurul Fadhilah Mohd Ridza (Padi) for her loyal and outstanding contribution to the Company. The presentation ceremony started with the rendition of the song “Mulanya Di Sini” led by both Dato’ Guntor and Datin Hasnah. The song was most apt for the occasion as Padi was with the company since 2009 and its first solar project and has gone through the ups and downs of the company. A video montage of Padi followed suit. Padi received a HABIB JEWEL necklace and pendant, a Trophy, Blossom Delight by BVLGARI and a fluffy adorable teddy bear.

Although quite Speechless, Padi thanked the Board and her colleagues for their support.

To close the program, everyone sang “Demi Matahari”; the adopted Company Song of the Company. A photography session took place with all staff and family. All staff were a given each a door gift of “Greentex blanket set to home.

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